Music instruction by Loris Holland


My approach to music education is from an analytical view of the artistic effects of music, and the mathematical approach of understanding the science of it.

My students are taught how to unleash their creative abilities by understanding the source of all musical form, recognizing the similarities and emulating what they hear through practice and performance.


The fundamental difference to my unorthodox method is the introduction of college level music analysis and harmony from day one. This enables my students to quickly grasp the logic of the universal concept and science of the art from the very beginning.

My primary emphasis is on ear training and the study of musical form as it applies to song structure, the combination of classical and jazz theory, and their application to all genres, from gospel to pop music. Students quickly develop the ability to listen an recognize musical forms in popular music across a variety of genres. My students learn how to analyze, emulate, and create it.

Piano And Voice

The instrument that allows fluid understanding of the entire musical spectrum, is the piano. The piano is the beast that lives in the jungle of black and white keys. That beast can become a beauty. My piano method is called "Playing By Ear". My vocal method is called "Liking Your Own Voice".

Singing brings a spiritual fulfillment that is as mysterious as the variety of emotions that it creates. Most of us want to sing but hate our voices. I designed a method of vocal pedagogy based on decades of experience in producing vocalists, training choirs and general musical knowledge. My students gain confidence in the common performance issues such as , projection, pitch, tone, lung capacity, breathing in rhythm, diction and multiple performance and recording techniques.

Achieving confidence and the joy of accomplishment in music takes commitment, dedication and practice. These disciplines are discussed in the orientation interview, and upon accepting a new student, I design a course and method of study according to the student's individual goals and practice time commitment.

I Provide students with fundamentals that enable them to pursue excellence in any genre.

I teach adults, youth, and children, from beginning level to professionals.

I believe that we are all musicians, since we were created in the image of GOD The Ultimate Master Creator Musician.