Musical Wisdom

The Truth About Music

"Music is art and science, its the enlightenment of the purest , spiritually logical form of bliss that soothes the savage beast in all of us. Its a true mystery and a great gift from God( The Master Musician)to mankind. It justifies the reality of our existence as we all have the need for, and the ability to create it. We are all born with the gift, and the desire to share our unique styles of musical creativity as we feed our spirits, bodies and souls regularly with its joy." This is my belief.

My Life

I was born in Guyana when it was British Guiana, grew up in the Amazon basin, lived in England, Canada and most of my life in the USA.
I grew up in a musical family, always surrounded and influenced by a wide variety of styles, and my musical life journeyed through many cultures and genres. Classical, sacred, reggae, African folk, calypso, jazz, gospel, country, R&B, rock, etc. the list is lengthy, and It's difficult to accurately classify the path with such a merge of cultures that frame pop culture today, but I relish learning the sound of new things, mixing them with the old, and blending cultural nuances musically.


I'm a composer/arranger/singer/keyboardist, writer, privileged to have worked with a long list of amazingly talented creative people such as: Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Vanessa Bell Armstrong,Mariah Carey, Shirley Caesar, Patti LaBelle, Celine Dion, Lauryn Hill, Marcus Miller, Mutt Lange, Smokey Robinson, Al Green, R. Kelly, The Roots, Carlos Santana, Randy Jackson, Rita Ora, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Anthony Hamilton, The Goo Goo Dolls, Mary Chapin Carpenter, LL Kool J, George Clinton, the Winans, Sheila E., Michael McDonald, Bebe Winans, James Ingram, Deniece Williams, Mary J Blige, Anita Baker, Billy Ocean, Edwin, Walter and Tramaine Hawkins, and a host of others.

I've also worked in the advertising industry and Daytime TV, as a composer/musician/singer, for many years, including some film work, receiving Grammy and Emmy award recognition as a Composer/Producer/Musician, on several occasions.

Although it has been a joyful experience, some of which I am proud of, my growth with and through music through the decades, was noticeably lesser than the growing frustrations of having to create within the confines of the commercial music industry matrix for success and survival. This industry driven path can be one of integrity, and I am by no means downplaying the accomplishments of so many of my friends and peers and mentors. But for me, there had to be more. Consequently, in my spare time, I soothed the inner beast by writing songs that were just for my listening pleasure. it became my therapeutic shadow project, and as time passed by, it grew into TimeShadow, finally taking over me.

My band

My band, the TomorrowBand is a growing collection of like minded musician/singers, who have contributed creatively and emotionally to the journey.

As the artist TimeShadow & with the help of The TomorrowBand, I have written, collaborated with others, performed and produced a collection of works that is the embodiment of a 30 year journey.

The first installation of this creative collection is the project "TOMORROW".

Tomorrow is a 24 song collection, which underscores a series of 24 documentary short films threaded by 24 poems using animation and motion graphics to aid in the story.

A. (The Poems)
Chasing Tomorrow - A collection of 24 poems

B. (The Music)
Tomorrow AM & Tomorrow PM - A 24 song double CD

C. (The tv mini-series)
TOMORROW The 24hr. Saga - A six part documentary series of 24 vignettes highlighting society’s trending habits and practices today, and their impact on tomorrow.


Life in Balance

I maintain a balance working primarily from my home studio, still teaching piano and vocal students, locally and abroad. Music education is a family tradition and lineage handed down from my grandparents, to my mother, uncles, my sister, my cousins and me. I sit on the board of directors of The Ruby Holland School of Music, founded by and named after my mother and ran by my sister Elizabeth who is the president. TimeShadow is primarily on a mission of world peace, and cultural blending thru the love of truth and music. More information on TimeShadow can be found at